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Reach more ready to buy customers. Increase sales conversions. Grow your profits.
We're a result driven digital marketing consulting agency in Lagos, Nigeria with experience in at least 5 countries so far (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, United Kingdom and United States). With our experience in 5 countries, we have created a 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint that consistently drives traffic to your site, converts site visitors to customers and retains more customers as well as drives referrals .



★ your sales is not growing because you have no customers, but you do not know what to do to get more customers,

★ your website is not getting any traffic and it doesn’t capture any leads for your sales team. You are not converting the little traffic you have to sales,

★ you are spending a ton of money on advertising and it doesn’t appear to be doing any good,

★ the things that used to work for prospecting and selling are no longer working like they used to and your growth rate has decreased significantly,

★ you’re just about to launch a new business, and want to make sure it succeeds,

★ you are new to the market and you have almost no brand awareness, so your message is falling on deaf ears,

★ you want someone with tons of digital marketing experience to give you expert advice and guidance,

… or when you just don’t know what to do to boost your sales, customer base and increase revenue.


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In business, getting customers is the most important activity you need to invest in. Without customers you have no revenue, it is that simple. Knowing what to do to get your customers is very essential because that is the foundation of your success in business. If you do not have the right strategy, then you might waste alot of time and money trying to figure out a way to acquire more customers to boost revenue. Our digital marketing blueprint will make you more money and save you a lot of time and money from being wasted taking the right action.

Tobi Asehinde, Founder at Vibe Web Solutions Limited

Are you tired of not seeing results?

It’s not about getting the most social likes, followers and traffic to your site … it’s about spending your marketing budget in the most profitable and efficient way possible to make you more money. It is about using our 3 step digital marketing blueprint to build a system you need to generate lifetime demands and loyalty

  • You don't know where to begin

    You are really excited about the idea of growing your business online using digital marketing. You spend a lot of time reading blogs, but even with all this knowledge, you do not actually know where to start.
  • Or you have tried and failed

    You have tried every trick in the book. You have spent or you are spending thousands on advertising and buying likes and followers on social media, but nothing gets any real results.
  • Or you have hired an agency

    Still no real result because most agencies have it wrong they focus on traffic, search ranking and social followers. Traffic, rankings and social followers are great, but if those visitors and social followers don’t convert into actual customers or leads, it doesn’t matter.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a digital marketing blueprint that ACTUALLY drives results - increases your sales and customer base?

A digital marketing blueprint that actually makes you more money.

One that drives you quality website traffic and convert them to leads or sales

One that helps you generate more leads and increase sales

One that helps you retain more customers and drive referral customers

One that makes it easy for your customers to find your business when they are looking for you online

One that makes it possible for you to reach the broadest market

One that increases your brand loyalty and awareness

Increased Conversion = Increased Sales

Our Simplified Equation: High Quality Targeted Traffic + Sales Lead Conversion + Persuasive Sales Nurturing = Sales (& Revenue.)

Increased Traffic = Increased Sales

It may seem like we are magicians as you see more and more customers coming to you, but our 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint is quite straight forward when it comes to traffic, conversion and optimization methods. Optimizing your ads to ensure your advertising budget is spent wisely. You will be able to determine which ads are most effective, which networks are producing the best results and which customer demographic is converting the optimally and adjust your digital marketing campaign accordingly to give you the best results.

What makes our 3-Step Digital Marketing Blueprint so powerful?

81% of digital marketing campaigns fail to produce a positive ROI. You deserve better. We know how to avoid the money-sucking problems that ruin most digital marketing campaigns. We will make you more money and grow your profit.

  • 1It makes it easier to make sales from your website and social media channels. (That means more money for your business.)

    You will be able to convert more of your website and social media channels.
  • 2It increases the chance of you making multiple sales to the same person. (That means much more money for your business.)

    You will be able to up-sell and cross-sell to the same people. Up-selling and cross-selling is key to any business profit generation
  • 3It makes you immune to search engine and social media channels algorithm changes. (Meaning that Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on can’t kill your business overnight.)

    Search Engines and Social Media channels are always changing their algorithm hence why what used to work can stop working for you anytime however, with our 3 steps blueprint, these changes will not affect you. It’s something that will continue to work for years and years to come.
Digital Marketing Blueprint


Vibe Web Solution was founded in 2012 by Tobi Asehinde in his bedroom in Portsmouth, United Kingdom with just a laptop, a sofa, bed and internet connection.

Through a relentless ambition and focus on the ultimate goal to make businesses succeed online using digital marketing channels and strategies.

We now have a brilliant team of experts in Nigeria with experience working with various clients both within Nigeria and internationally.

Our team continually grow their knowledge and expertise as we solve challenging digital marketing problems for our clients daily.

Since we arrived in Nigeria, we still remain true to our ethos on which the company was founded; namely focus on making businesses successful online using digital marketing channels and continuously live and breathe digital marketing.

Our clients know that we focus 100% on making their marketing campaign more profitable because we believe every digital marketing campaign should be directly linked to your revenue and not just numbers of social likes, followers and traffic.

We have generated tens of millions of unique site visitors and sales for our clients and to our businesses.

We have sent over 1,000,000 emails so far and we know how to increase open rates and sales conversion.

We have ran over 1300 digital marketing test to find out what works and doesn't.

We have worked with both local and international clients in at least 5 countries.

And along the way we have discovered a digital marketing blueprint that works for ANY business, you’re about to discover it, so you can repeat it for your business and increase your sales faster.

Tobi Asehinde (MEng)

Founder at Vibe Web Solutions Limited

Tobi is our digital marketing guru and trainer, the mastermind behind the work we provide for our customers. He and his team has worked with various companies in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States. He writes on smart digital marketing strategy and techniques in both local and international online media.

He has also been recognized in the United Kingdom by Portsmouth Enterprise as an entrepreneur to watch in Africa. He is also the Assistant Honorary Secretary of the Nigeria-Britain Association and he was web consultant to Lagos Eko Project (a World Bank and Lagos State Project).

Tobi is trained in the United Kingdom at the University of Portsmouth with a Master Degree in Computer Engineering.

Tobi is also the digital communication adviser to the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce.

"I started Vibe Web Solutions because I wanted to focus on this single ultimate goal to help businesses succeed using digital marketing channels and strategies. Somehow, we've been lucky enough to make that dream a reality."

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Introducing Our 3-Step Digital Marketing Blueprint: A Quick Overview

There are many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers out there trying hard to increase their sales and revenue. Landing a steady stream of new customers, getting constant referrals, and earning a great revenue can be a real challenge.

Which is why we created an online coaching course that takes you step-by-step and walks you through how to grow your sales and revenue more quickly.

We want YOU to succeed. That’s why in the Digital Marketing Blueprint we have taken our years of experience working with companies in at least 5 countries and given you a system packed with techniques, tips and strategies that have worked for us and our clients in different kind of business in at least 5 countries.

We have done this, so you can successfully increase your sales and revenue and position yourself as an authority amongst your competitors, learn how to increase sales and attract new customers now and well into the future.

We’ll show you how to market and sell your products and services the right way so you can land a steady stream of new clients.

We have spent years figuring this stuff out on our own - wasted time and money. But our highest jumps in competency always came from learning from other people who had more experience and are getting awesome results.


Here’s the cool part. Everything takes place online!

We created the Digital Marketing Blueprint Online Coaching Course to be simple and accessible for busy business owners and marketers like you.

We took the most valuable business insights we have ever discovered and built a comprehensive digital marketing blueprint online coaching course which walks you through everything in precise step-by-step details on getting and keeping customers.

You will have access to training videos to learn detailed step by step process on:

1. How to ATTRACT the right customers online.

2. How to CONVERT your site visitors to customers.

3. How to ENGAGE your customers and leads to drive more returning and referral sales.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions in our online private mastermind community and get answers from us directly.

The training videos shows us running an actual digital marketing campaign and you will see how we get results.

You will also connect with other marketing professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs via our online private mastermind community. That's a place for non-stop coaching discussions and learning between you and us.

So, the best part is that you can watch the training videos and get help from the comfort of your office chair--wherever you are in the world through our Online Private Mastermind Community while implementing what you have learnt!

95% of our clients have implemented themselves and are achieving amazing sales results.


If you're not ready to implement our digital marketing blueprint, look somewhere else. We will work with you to increase your customer base and take your business profit to the next level but you have to be ready to take action.

  • The complete 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint training

    Here’s where you get access to our proven, step-by-step system for generating first page Google rankings, reducing your advertising cost, converting more of your site visitors and growing your sales.

    You’ll learn how to quickly beat your competition in driving quality traffic, converting more your site visitors and growing your sales...which means more sales (and revenue) for you.

    Each comprehensive lesson includes video training and downloadable material (PDF worksheets, slide downloads, lesson roadmaps, and more).

  • “Over-the-shoulder” tutorials

    We firmly believe that the best way to learn anything is to watch someone else do it. That’s why we created “over the shoulder” tutorials that show you EXACTLY how to execute the most important techniques from the course, step-by-step.

    They are designed to help you power through common obstacles you may face as you increase your sales and grow your business online. Learn about the technology we use to run Vibe Web Solutions and that of our clients, our favourite digital marketing tools, new marketing experiments that we are running, and more.

And if you have a question or hit a roadblock, no problem. It comes with 1 month plenty of support:

You will have access to our online private mastermind community for one month to put you through the obstacles & keep you focused. With the right support from us you will be able to discover and implement what works best for you to grow your sales and customer base.

Without the right strategy, you can easily get over a billion impressions on your Ads, but if your advert doesn't convert to customers or leads. You’ll make NO money but LOSE a lot of money because advertising is not cheap.



If you are interested in getting more customers, maximizing lifetime-customer-value and growing your business, then you need to act fast because THIS COST YOU ONLY ₦60,000 ($200). THE DIGITAL MARKETING BLUEPRINT ONLINE COACHING COURSE STARTS AUGUST 1 2016 AND YOU WILL HAVE LIFETIME ACCESS.

TIME SENSITIVE: Sign-up now before the price goes up.

Here is how to sign up:

1. Make payment of ₦60,000 to Vibe Web Solutions, Stanbic IBTC, 0011167823 or Send $200 to our PayPal ID: (or email us at for PayPal Invoice).

2. Notify us of payment by emailing us ( your name, and phone number.

3. We will register you and send you your login details.

It is really that simple. Need Help or Got Questions? Call Tobi Asehinde, our founder on 08165289018

Our 3 Step Digital Marketing Blueprint Results

There are three reasons why this 3 step digital marketing blueprint dramatically increases the amount of money you can make from your website for your business:

You increase your chances of making ANY sale on your website:

Without our 3 step digital marketing blueprint, a visitor might come to your site, click on an advert, decide not to buy anything, and just like that... they’re gone.

But with our 3 step digital marketing blueprint, you can grab your visitor’s contact details. Even if they leave your website and never come back, you can still keep promoting to them.

You increase your chances of making MULTIPLE sales.:

Without our 3 step digital marketing blueprint the best case you can hope for is that someone will buy something. You’ll make one sale.

But with our 3 step digital marketing blueprint you can keep selling to your website visitor again and again. Instead of making just one sale, you can now make multiple sales ... lots more sales and lots more money from the same website visitor. You would also be able to generate referral sales.

You increase your chances of making ANY sale from social media channels:

Without our 3 step digital marketing blueprint, you can have millions of fans on social media but not make any sales because you can't convert your social media fans to customers.

But with our 3 step digital marketing blueprint, you will be able to grow a fan base of ready to buy fans and be able to convert them to new, returning and referral customers.


Marketing a Business Online Can Be Overwhelming! Let Us Help You…

We know you may think that you can figure out this whole digital marketing thing on your own. And hey, maybe you can.

Problem is: If you do, you're going to waste hundreds of hours along the way and maybe thousands of money as well. Those are hours and money you could spend growing your business.

Besides, think about all the customers you're losing while you sift through dozens of blog posts -- often with conflicting or confusing information.

This Digital Marketing Blueprint Online Coaching Course will save you serious amounts of time and money from taking the wrong actions.

And we know you may think "This may work for him, but I'm not sure it will work for me".

We totally get that. Every industry does have its own challenges.

But our method is designed to work in any niche (even boring ones).

Remember: We applied this same method to various client's businesses. They're in every niche you can imagine in 5 countries.

So if you're serious about growing your business faster online, it's time to sign up today.

Please know that this is a very time sensitive offer. The reason why is we can only take on 20 clients and over 16 people have paid already, leaving less than 4 spaces left.

PS. If you’re 100% confident that you already have all the skills and knowledge you need then there’s no real reason to order. But if you want to land more customers, grow your sales and earn a greater revenue as a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, don’t you owe it to yourself to take this opportunity to reach the level of success you’re looking for?

What if you apply all the strategies and techniques in our digital marketing blueprint for your business and you double or triple your SALES and CUSTOMER BASE. How much would that be worth to you?

What if you change your approach to digital marketing and were able to attract 25%-40% sales more than you are right now?

We offer nothing but proven, time-tested techniques that have been field tested and fine-tuned with marketing tests. The strategies in the framework that could very well change your business for the better. You must see for yourself what you've been missing.

As long as you're committed to TAKE ACTION, I believe you simply CANNOT lose.


Vibe Web Solutions delivers digital marketing and advertising solutions based on the goals that matter to you most - growing audiences, engaging with customers, generating demand and retaining more customers.

We love Digital Marketing – it’s so progressive and drives businesses forward. By working in partnership, we can help you accelerate your growth online and increase your digital marketing returns. Essentially, we will increase your profits.

We've worked, hands-on, with many businesses in different industries in at least 5 countries so far (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, United Kingdom and United States).

We started in 2012 thinking we were a web development firm but what we are really great at, is helping businesses grow their sales and customer base using various digital marketing channels and proven techniques.

In fact, we help businesses drive quality website visitors, grow their online sales, generate more leads, get their phones ringing and to keep their customers coming back for more.

Delivering digital marketing solutions that consistently achieve outstanding results means we foster long term partnerships.

Over the years we have helped clients grow online, so if you want to realise your digital potential and become profitable using digital marketing, contact us today.


  • Bellafricana - we are passionate about africa

    Bellafricana – we are passionate about Africa

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    Bellafricana enables the world to connect online with reliable and credible Afrocentric Businesses, anytime, anywhere. we are huge lovers of Afro-centric products and services hence the reason we have created a platform to connect buyers and sellers of Afro-centric products and services.

    We believe in promoting local talents which contributes to job creations in the Nigerian (African) economy.


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    Find Digital Tools – Making your business live online

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    Find Digital Tools was born to help you succeed in your venture. Our main reason for existing his to give people an easy, affordable way to get their ideas and business online and promote them. You can book your domain name, hosting, business email, search engine visibility and many other tools.

All our ventures are built based on our single goal to help businesses succeed online...


Our goal is to help businesses make more money online using digital marketing. And it takes an entire team committed to something bigger than themselves to make that kind of impact. At Vibe Web Solutions, we believe in working together to make businesses more money and successful. We love knowing that the work we do immediately translates into real results.

We're different in that most of us have managed both Nigeria and international clients account. This means we understand the practical (and sometimes political) issues with developing and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. We don’t come to you with theories but with solid pragmatic experience of managing and growing businesses online in at least 5 countries

What Sets Us Apart

★ Great health, dental, vision, & life insurance plans - We want our team to be healthy always and protected.

★ Pension Plan — We want to help our team save for retirement!

★ Education reimbursement — Learning is very important in our culture! We offer a monthly stipend to encourage you to buy books, listen to webinars, and purchase materials that will help you grow professionally and personally

Our culture is built on thinking differently, working hard, investing in ourselves, and having fun. We offer the adventure and energy of a startup, but have proven traction and lots of momentum. We’re looking for smart and committed individuals who care passionately about what we’re doing and want to build something of lasting value.

If that’s you, enter your email below and we will send you our open positions. We’d love to have you on the team.



Contact Us

Fill the form below and one of our top team member will personally contact you within 1 business day to figure out exactly what you want ...and how to make it happen. Our normal business operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For immediate assistance, please call us during business hours.
  • Please include your website address, if you have one.

The sooner you sign up, the faster you can start to grow & scale your business.

To your success,

Tobi Asehinde, Founder

P.S. Our clients come to us because they want to be profitable and we ensure they achieve their goal.